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EVS Executive Viewing Stations

The EVS family of color viewing stations boasts D5000 accuracy and consistency combined with sleek styling. These viewers are perfect for a conference room, lobby, or executive office.

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Color Rendition Demonstrator

The Color Rendition Demonstrator is a three-compartment viewer that demonstrates the color rendition of three varied light sources:  fluorescent cool-white “store light”, 6500K fluorescent “daylight”, and incandescent “home light.”

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PDV Professional Desktop Viewers

PDV viewers are designed for D50 controlled viewing of small format color prints. All models feature a hinged design for easy set-up, storage, and transport. Four models are offered with viewing areas ranging from 11” x 17” to 23” x 25”.

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Simultaneous Color Viewer

The Simultaneous Color Viewer is designed to help detect metamerism and test color harmony by allowing a visual comparison of colors under four different light sources.

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CVX Color Viewing Stations

The CVX family of D50 color viewing stations features state-of-the-art electronic ballasts combined with Graphiclite T8 fluorescent lamps, producing superior light evenness, improved rear wall illumination, and enhanced energy efficiency.

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