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GTI iQ & Remote Director Soft Proofing Packages

remote director soft proofing packages
All stakeholders in the supply chain will benefit from soft proofing. They will experience improved efficiency, lower supply cost, better and faster collaboration, quicker turnaround times, and lower their environmental impact. To help you reach this goal, GTI and Remote Director have teamed up to offer a series of soft proofing solutions. These unique packages will remove the manual processes and guess work from soft proofing and establish an automated streamlined workflow that provides accurate and repeatable results. Four packages are offered, each includes:

  • A two year subscription for two concurrent seats to Remote Director Software.
  • USB instrument to calibrate the monitor.
  • A GTI iQ enabled ISO 3664:2009 compliant viewing system.
SOFV-1xiQ/RDBRemote Director software and a SOFV-1xiQ Desktop Viewer. Includes a viewing area of 24” x 19.5”, upper and lower luminaires, side walls, automatic calibration, and GTI’s iQ technology.
Three EVS/iQ viewing stations are offered. Each includes Remote Director software and an EVS/iQ viewing system with digital dimming, a storage cabinet, side walls, LCD monitor mount, a keyboard drawer, and GTI’s iQ technology.
EVS-2540iQ/RDBEVS/iQ Viewer with a 25” D x 40” W viewing area.
EVS-3052iQ/RDBEVS/iQ Viewer with a 29” D x 52” W viewing area.
EVS-3552iQ/RDBEVS/iQ Viewer with a 35” D x 52” W viewing area.

GTI iQ Viewing Systems

A GTI iQ enabled viewing system takes the question out of your luminance match and replaces it with repeatable accuracy based on GTI’s iQ light sensor. The iQ light sensor wirelessly communicates with a GTI iQ enabled viewing station. The hand-held sensor’s unique design enables it to measure the light striking a flat surface, capturing the brightness level of the monitor. This data is automatically transmitted to the viewing station where it is used to calibrate the light level of the viewing station to achieve an optimal match to the luminosity of the monitor. The iQ sensor also automatically calibrates the viewing station, adjusting for ambient room light and linearizing the brightness of the viewing station to provide push-button setting to 500 lux, the ISO standard for soft proof color viewing.

Remote Director Software

Remote Director provides the ability to create projects, add files, invite any reviewers to annotate and approve, organize proofs, set due dates, and report on the status of reviews and approvals. Remote Director requires that customers supply a high quality color calibrated monitor. Displays used for color approvals will need to pass the quality verification that is part of the initial calibration process. Any monitor can be used for administration and content reviewing of files.