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GTI & Remote Director Soft Proofing Bundles


Includes a two year subscription for two concurrent seats to Remote Director Software, a USB instrument to calibrate the monitor, and a SOFV-1xiQ desktop viewing system. The SOFV-1xiQ features a viewing area of 24″ x 19.5″, upper and lower luminaires, side walls, automatic calibration, and GTI’s iQ technology.





GTI and Remote Director have teamed up to offer four unique soft proofing packages that will enable printers and pre-media companies of all sizes to capitalize on the benefits of a soft proofing workflow.

Each package includes:
A two year subscription for two concurrent seats to Remote Director Software. Remote Director
provides the ability to create projects, add files, and invite any number of reviewers to annotate and approve. Remote Director also includes the ability to calibrate and verify the monitor for each viewer, organize proofs, set due dates, and report on the status of review and approval.

A GTI iQ enabled ISO 3664:2009 compliant viewing system. GTI’s iQ viewing systems use the
wireless iQ sensor to measure the luminance of the monitor. The sensor automatically
communicates this data to the viewing station where it is used to match the light level of the viewing station to the luminosity of the monitor. Desktop and floor standing models are available.

A USB instrument to calibrate the monitor.

These unique soft proofing bundles will remove the manual processes and guess work from soft proofing to establish an automated streamlined workflow that provides accurate and repeatable results. The system enables superb lighting uniformity by meeting ISO 3664:2009 D50 light quality for superior color rendition.

For additional information, click here: Director-GTI soft proofing.pdf