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VPI Vertical Print Inspectors


45” high x 64” wide (114 x 163 cm) viewing area with lower luminaire (dimming not available). Includes side walls.


Overview of Models:

The VPI Vertical Print Inspector is the ideal viewing system for wide format color appraisal. Available with a viewing area of 45″ high x 40″ wide, 45″ high x 52″ wide, or 45″ high x 64″ wide. The unique design includes magnets to hold up any size print plus floor casters to allow the unit to be easily moved to wherever you need proper viewing conditions. All models include the LiteGuard II which displays warm up, hours used, hours remaining, and when relamping is required.

The VPI can be ordered with digital dimming (/D models) or a lower luminaire (/x models). Available accessories include side walls, a lower shelf, or an art work holder.