GTI Graphic Technology Inc.

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GTI Graphic Technology, Inc. is the leading manufacturer of tight tolerance lighting systems for critical color viewing, color communication, and color matching assessment. We manufacture a wide range of viewing systems in our 30,000 square foot headquarters in Newburgh, NY. An in-house spectroradiometric laboratory and 100% measurement and verification production process guarantee that precision and accuracy are built into all products.

Our product portfolio includes desktop viewers, floor stand models, overhead luminaires, large vertical viewing solutions, color harmony rooms, and custom products. All GTI viewing solutions conform to industry viewing standards.

Markets served include:


To help ensure color harmony and a smooth finish, incoming parts and final products need to be visually inspected in a lighting environment that conforms to industry viewing standards.

Commercial Printing

From design to final print, properly managing color is essential to the success of a printed product. Proper color management requires a visual color appraisal be made under ISO 3664:2009 viewing conditions.


Whether you are designing a consumer package, a fashion accessory, or building supplies the colors you choose will affect the consumer’s buying decision. Make sure you and your supply chain are viewing the same color.

Label Printing

The design and color of a label plays a significant role in a consumer’s buying decision. To ensure that your color is right evaluate color under lighting conditions that conform to the ISO 3664:2009 viewing standard.

Large Format Printing

Output from large format printers should be viewed in controlled conditions to ensure accurate color matches and fidelity, and to maintain brand integrity. GTI has the product portfolio to configure a viewing area to meet your requirements.


An industry compliant light booth will help you to better communicate color across the supply chain, evaluate surface conditions, and identify potential issues early in the production process.

Package Printing

The use of more colors and substrates is making packaging more complex to produce. To properly manage color all parties in the supply chain should be evaluating color under industry standard lighting conditions.

Paint and Coatings

Color is crucial to the commercial success of a paint or coating. Make sure you and your customers are seeing the right color by utilizing an industry compliant light booth in your quality control and development processes.


Realistic flesh tones, detailed shadows and highlights, and color uniformity are key elements to high quality photography. Achieve high quality prints by viewing your work in lighting conditions that conform viewing standard.


An industry compliant light booth will help you to better communicate color across the supply chain, evaluate surface conditions, detect imperfections, and identify potential issues early in the process.


When evaluating textiles, a visual inspection is a key step in the quality process. An industry compliant light booth will allow you to simulate various lighting conditions, test for metamerism, and confirm that different components match.