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Transparency Viewers

GTI’s Graphiclite transparency viewers are designed to complement any work environment. All viewers feature GTI’s Graphiclite 100 color viewing lamps, D5000 viewing compliance, and spectrally balanced reflector and diffuser.

GL Transparency Viewers

GL viewers offer Graphiclite quality and accuracy at an affordable price. All viewers feature standard D5000 viewing compliance, full spectrum Graphiclite 100 Color Viewing Lamps, and a spectrally balanced reflector and diffuser. LiteGuard II lamp monitoring and dimming are available as options. Four standard models are available.

GL-16E transparency viewer


ModelViewing Area
GL-16e10” x 18” (25 cm x 46 cm)
GL-20e16” x 18” (41 cm x 46 cm)
GL-30e16” x 30” (41 cm x 76 cm)
GL-44e16” x 42” (41 cm x 107 cm)

GLX Transparency Viewers

GLX viewers are precisely balanced to provide strict compliance with the photographic and graphic arts D5000 standards. Each viewer is individually tested, guaranteeing strict adherence to ISO standards. GLX viewers offer unexcelled viewer to viewer consistency and feature:

  • Full spectrum Graphiclite 100 Color Viewing Lamps
  • Non-glare Plexiglas® viewing surface
  • High efficiency reflector system producing uniform luminance
  • Unique chrome grip
  • Optional LiteGuard Viewing System Monitor
  • Optional dimming for soft proofing on GLX-3044
ModelViewing Area
GLX-304430” x 42” (76 cm x 107 cm)
GLX-385638” x 56’ (97 cm x 142 cm)
GLX-485647” x 56” (119 cm x 142 cm)
GLX transparency viewer

GLX-3856 with optional floor stand.