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Digital Dimming Viewers

GTI viewing systems with the digital dimming feature are designed to assure consistent color appearance throughout the reproduction process and to help you implement a soft proofing solution.

The products below do not include GTI’s iQ sensor and automatic monitor matching capability.


Soft View SOFV-1xi

The SOFV-1xi has a 24” x 19.5″ (61 cm x 50 cm) viewing area. It includes digital dimming, upper and lower luminaires, and side walls.

Professional Desktop Viewers

PDV-2e, PDV-3e, and PDV-2020e desktop viewers are available with full range dimming, an optional lower luminaire, and side walls.

PDV with dimming

Large Format

EVS Viewing Stations

Digital dimming is available on the EVS-3052 and EVS-3552 viewing stations. Single or dual LCD’s (up to 30″) can be mounted on the rear wall of the viewing station. The SP models include digital dimming, pull-out keyboard drawer, vented storage cabinet, and side walls.

VPI Viewing Stations

Digital dimming can be added to the VPI-40 and VPI-52. These models include upper and lower digital dimming luminaires, side walls, casters, plus a computer/monitor section.

VPI 2 LumVPI-52x/D

Overhead Luminaires

GLE luminaires with 24′, 36″, and 48″ lamps are available with digital dimming. Overhead luminaires with digital dimming include LiteGuard II lamp monitoring.


MCVE/SP Modular Color Viewing Environment

Ideal for web press consoles, the MCVE/SP is a custom fit viewing system for soft proofing. It adapts to your press console and provides full and variable intensity lighting plus a sliding single or dual LCD mount that rotates out of the way of the signature panel.