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Accessories & Options

GTI’s CVX and EVS color viewing stations can be configured with a variety of floor stands, drawers, table risers, and storage options. Consult our ordering guides to choose popular Color Viewing Stations Accessory packages or to create your own.


Three countertop bases are available to elevate working heights. Each base raises the viewing surface 8″ and can be stacked for added height and storage space. A simple table stand (/TS) can be used with the CVX-3052, EVS-3052, EVS-2540, and EVS-2028.

Single deep (/1F) and dual file drawers (/2F) are available for the CVX-4052, CVX-3052, EVS-3052, EVS-2540, and EVS-2028.

Flat file sets consisting of eight drawers (/FD) or two door storage cabinets (/SC) are available for all models except the EVS-2028.

Floor Stands

A height adjustable (at set-up) floor stand (/FS) with shelves is available for the CVX-30106, EVS-30106, CVX-3052, EVS-3052, EVS-2540, and EVS-2028. This sturdy floor stand measures 32″ – 48″ in height, with lockable swivel casters for ease of movement.

An electronic height adjustable floor stand is available for the CVX-3052 and EVS-3052. With a push of the button the floor stand adjusts from 29” to 49”. It is available with one deep drawer, two shallow file drawers, or a storage shelf.


Workstations can be attached to your color viewing station for editing/sorting or other non-color viewing applications. They can be easily fitted with flat storage file drawers (Model WS/FD/1F) or lockable storage cabinet and file drawer combinations (Models WS/SC/1F or WS/SC/2F). Workstations can also be used separately (Model WS).

Side Walls

Side walls provide an enhanced viewing experience by reducing the amount of ambient light in the viewing area. They are included with all CVX viewers and available as an option on EVS and VPI color viewing systems.

Standard Gray Neutral 8 Vinyl Latex

Standard Gray Neutral 8 is a water-reducible vinyl latex for use in color viewing areas which require Munsell N8/ gray surround as specified by ISO 3664:2009. Available in gallons or pints.


Print Bars

Ideal for retail environments, educational facilities, galleries, studios, and building lobbies. GTI’s print bars feature a unique chrome grip design that allows you to easily engage and disengage prints. Available in 24″, 36″, or 52″ lengths. Custom lengths are also available. Print bars come with either a foam adhesive or magnetic back, please specify when ordering.


GTI’s easy grip magnets are perfect for holding artwork in place.