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Press Console Viewing Systems

Shops use different printing technologies to meet the run length, substrate, and format requirements of their customers. These different printing processes are often combined to deliver one final product to the end user. To help ensure consistency across printing platforms and to maintain brand integrity, output should be viewed under D50 viewing conditions that conform to the ISO 3664:2009 standard.

GTI offers an ISO 3664:2009 compatible viewing solution that will complement any size press.

Digital Presses

GTI’s PDV Professional Desktop Viewers and the desktop version of the EVS-2028 fit nicely on top of today’s digital presses. PDV viewers have viewing areas ranging from 11.7” x 16.3” to 23.5” x 25.3” (30 cm x 41 cm to 60 cm x 64 cm) and are available with dimming for soft proofing and side walls. The EVS-2028 has a 20” x 28” (51 cm x 71 cm) viewing area, side walls are optional.

PDV 3e on CanonPDV-3e on top of a Canon Digital Press
EVS-2028 with a Xerox iGen pressAn EVS-2028 with a Xerox iGen press.

Press Console Viewing Systems

CVX and EVS viewing stations are commonly used for pressroom viewing. GTI also manufactures custom ISO 3664:2009 compatible press console viewing systems for sheetfed and web offset presses of all sizes.

Custom press consoles are available in two styles. The MCVE model is a modular designed system that is suspended over the console from the ceiling. The CVEX model is a floor mounted version. Both the MCVE and CVEX include the LiteGuard II viewing system monitor.

MCVE SP2 on Press Console

Viewing systems have been designed and installed on presses from all major manufactures including Heidelberg, Komori, KBA, Ryobi, Man Roland, Akiyama, Peretta, Shinohara, Hamada, Sakurai, Rockwell, and Harris.

GTI’s design team can create a tight tolerance, customized press console viewing area to suit your specific needs. Please contact us to request a Press Console Specification Sheet. Once this form is completed and submitted, an accurate price quotation can be prepared.

DI Digital Offset Presses

GTI offers viewing systems for DI digital offset presses. The RYVS-3404DI fits on all Ryobi manufactured DI presses including those branded Ryobi, Presstek, KPG, and KBA. The DIVS-1 is designed specifically for the Heidelberg Quickmaster and Quickmaster Plus, while the DIVS-Pro is designed for the Quickmaster DI Pro.

Ryobi DI