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GTI Graphiclite D50 and CMlite D65 fluorescent lamps are custom made to rigid specifications for optimum standards compliance and re-creation of CIE illuminants. The precise spectral characteristics and lumen output are subject to an exhaustive quality control process to assure that each lamp provides true full-spectrum, color balanced illumination and extremely accurate color rendition.

Graphic imaging applications (ISO-3664) specify the use of D50 daylight while color and appearance applications (ASTM 1729) specify the use of D65.

In order to assist you in selecting the right relamp kit, the selection guide below allows you to enter either the viewing system model number or the lamp type and quantity.

“..because of production demands, re-lamping our CVX got put off as “non-essential” for an embarrassingly long time. Upon re-lamping, we noticed an immediate increase in luminance – by itself a vast improvement in our workflow. It was like someone lifted the curtain on our work. The very few minutes and expense that it takes to order and install a new lamp set is well worth the time savings in production and confidence gained. We will never wait so long again.” - Don Tuttle; Owner, Don Tuttle Photography; Emeryville, CA

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Note: GTI Color Viewing Lamps are shipped in standard package sizes of 6 and 30 for T12 lamps, or 8 and 30 for T8 lamps (24 for 60" T8 lamps). The price per lamp is slightly higher when you order lamp kits that have less than the standard lamp quantity.