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CVX Color Viewing Stations

The CVX is a versatile viewer, compatible with either a production/pressroom work area or an office/conference room setting.

GTI CVX-3052 Color Viewing Station

CVX D50 color viewing stations are available with LED or fluorescent lamp technology. Both lamps conform to the ISO 3664:2009 viewing standard, provide a high CRI, superior light evenness, and excellent rear wall illumination. The LED lamps are more energy efficient and last approximately three times longer.

CVX’s include side walls, LiteGuard, which displays lamp warm up, lamp hours, and remaining life, and a floor stand. At setup the height of the CVX-3052/FS and CVX-30106/FS can be adjusted to your viewing environment.

CVX viewing stations can be provided with two or three light sources. Contact GTI for available light sources. CVX viewing stations are also available with a variety of floor stand and storage options, including flat and deep file storage drawers.

A variety of model sizes ideally dimensioned for multiple press sheets, larger format sizes, and group critiques are offered.

ModelViewing Area (D x W)
CVX-305229″ x 52″ (74 cm x 132 cm)
CVX-3010629″ x 106″ (74 cm x 269 cm)
CVX-348″ x 64″ (122 cm x 163 cm)
CVX-448″ x 130″ (122 cm x 330 cm)
Left: CVX-30106 viewing station with two shallow flat file drawers (2F-3052) and two-door storage cabinet (SC-3052) on left, and one deep flat file drawer (1F-3052) and eight shallow flat file drawers (FD-3052) on right
Right: CVX-4/FD with eight shallow flat file drawers on each side