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Vertical Product Inspectors

Vertical Color Matching Booth

The Vertical Color Matching Booth (VCMB) is an ASTM D1729 compliant multisource viewing system. The VCMB includes upper and lower luminaires, GTI ColorGuard II for monitoring lamp usage, side walls to control ambient light, and heavy duty floor casters. Controls are mounted on both upper and lower luminaires.

Available light sources include daylight (D65, D75, or D50), store light (CWF or TL84), home light (Incandescent A), optional source (D50, TL84, TL83, Horizon, or LED), and ultraviolet light.

vertical product inspector
ModelViewing Area (W x H)
VCMB-4040” x 45” (102 cm x 114 cm)
VCMB-5252” x 45” (132 cm x 114 cm)
VCMB-6464” x 45” (163 cm x 114 cm)

Vertical Product Inspector – Textiles

The VPI/T viewing system is designed to help the textile industry evaluate textiles and apparel as per AATCC Test Method 9 and other AATCC test methods such as soil release, wrinkle retention, and more. The VPI/T light levels meet the specifications outlined by the AATCC.

Options include GTI LiteGuard II for lamp monitoring, variable intensity for ease of product comparisons, side walls for stricter control of ambient light, and a lower shelf to support three dimensional products.

ModelViewing Area (W x H)
VPI/T-4040” x 45” (102 cm x 114 cm)
VPI/T-5252” x 45” (132 cm x 114 cm)

Vertical Product Inspector – Paper

GTI’s paper inspection system helps to eliminate costs associated with stock waste, rejections, and reworks. It combines multiple light sources with a Landsco light for optimal color and surface inspection of the paper or other materials. Contact GTI to configure your paper inspection system.

Paper Inspection with Landsco Light