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Unique Solutions

GTI is able to offer innovative and affordable custom lighting systems because the entire manufacturing process, from design to metal fabrication and painting, to final assembly and inspection, takes place in our Newburgh, NY headquarters.

If you have a need that can’t be met with one of our standard products, give us a call. We will work with you to define your requirements, develop a specification, and offer you a solution that will meet your requirements at a reasonable price. From innovative desktop products to full color harmony rooms and custom inspection stations, like the Color Harmony Inspection System, we can configure a product to meet your specific needs.

Below is a brief look at some of the custom viewing systems we have developed. If you have a need for a custom product please contact us.


The Color Harmony Inspector is used for inspecting exterior coatings and accessories on any large object. The system is on casters and provides multiple angles of illumination.

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Optical Testing CMB

Optical Testing CMB

This booth was designed for precise optical testing. It includes upper and lower multi-source luminaires with four variable intensity light sources. Rear-wall light uniformity is enhanced with the use of highly reflective side panels.

Vertical Luminaire System

Graphiclite D50 large format lighting system on mobile stand – ideal for vertical viewing and digital capture of large format artwork. Available in a variety of configurations.

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X-rite Intellitrax Viewing System

Designed to accommodate a scanning densitometer or spectrophotometer. Includes an arm to hold a monitor and a slide out keyboard drawer.

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Printed Circuit Board Inspection

Printed Circuit Board Inspection

A custom MiniMatcher equipped with UV lamps and matte black insert panels, for better viewing of highly specular, glossy, and dark objects, enables superior visual inspections of printed circuit boards.

Oversized Color Matching Booth

Oversized Color Matching Booth

Need to view larger objects? Just let us know what size viewing station you require and we’ll be happy to configure one for you.

Luminaire Ceiling Mount

Unique brackets allow GLE luminaires to be mounted flush on a standard drop ceiling. Create a professional installation quickly and easily.

Sunday Press Soft Proofing

Add digital dimming luminaires to your Sunday Press without removing original light fixtures. New luminaires mount to bottom of existing fixtures and provide critical luminance control for monitor matching.

Heidelberg Console Upgrade

Special slip-on mounting bracket allows you to upgrade your original light fixture to a new GTI GLE style luminaire. GLE-532A asymmetrical luminaire plus bracket easily slides onto an existing Heidelberg luminaire mount.