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VPI Vertical Print Inspectors

The VPI Vertical Print Inspector is a D50 viewing station that is designed for the visual inspection of large format prints in a convenient vertical format.


When using the VPI the observer can stand at a comfortable distance and visually compare the entire image with a color monitor, transparency, or reference print.

The ISO 3664:2009 compliant light quality of the VPI is a combination of the Graphiclite 100 Color Viewing Lamp output, aluminized high efficiency reflectors, and spectrally neutral, non-yellowing diffusers.

The VPI comes in three standard sizes with a range of options. Options include dimming, a height-adjustable artwork holder to support three dimensional artwork, a lower luminaire for better light evenness, and side walls. The VPI-52 is available with LED lamps.

ModelViewing Area (W X H)
VPI-4040" x 45" (102 cm x 114 cm)
VPI-5252" x 45" (132 cm x 114 cm)
VPI-6464" x 45" (163 cm x 114 cm)
VPI-52x/D includes digital dimming, upper & lower luminaires, and side walls