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LED Wall Viewing Systems

To deliver proper light intensity and uniformity over a large vertical viewing surface, an optimized system of luminaires, viewing lamps, and accessories (wall panels, neutral gray paint, and mounting brackets) is required.

large format print viewing wall system

Wall Viewing System shown with GLE-1032PH luminaires

Graphiclite D50 LED Luminaires

Luminaires are the key component of a wall viewing system. GTI’s Graphiclite luminaires feature an innovative design that provides superb light uniformity over a large vertical area. All GTI luminaires utilize Graphiclite LED Viewing Lamps and are engineered to provide precisely balanced D50 output.

Luminaires are available in two styles. The GLE series has a thin profile which is ideal for conference rooms and design studios. The GLL series is designed for color viewing in production areas. Luminaires are configured with single-source D50 LED lamps as a standard. Dual-source or multi-source luminaires to simulate home and store lighting conditions are available. Fixtures can be ordered in four or five foot lengths. LiteGuard 3.0 and a  wireless remote control are available as options. GTI’s GLE (left) and GLL (right) series luminaires, shown with wall brackets, are available in 4 and 5 foot models. GLE luminaires have a front power switch and a power cord which plugs into a standard outlet. GLL luminaires must be hard wired into a switched power circuit. Both models are available with a wireless remote control.

D50 LED Color Viewing Lamps

GTI’s Graphiclite lamps provide the highest degree of accuracy and a superior D50 spectrum. Proper color rendition is accomplished by tightly matching industry D50 standards. Graphiclite D50 LED lamps deliver a much tighter compliance to industry viewing standards than other 5000K lamps.

Mounting Options

Proper viewing conditions require that luminaires be mounted correctly. GTI’s wall mounting brackets are designed to optimize your viewing area and to ensure a secure installation. For extra large viewing areas or maximum uniformity, several luminaires can be mounted side by side, and a lower luminaire can be mounted on a rolling floor stand.

Wall Panels

GTI’s custom Munsell N8/ neutral gray panels are mounted to the wall. Panels up to four foot by eight foot are available. For larger areas, multiple panels can be placed edge to edge. Panels feature a steel viewing surface to allow the use of magnets (included) to hold artwork. Munsell N8/ neutral gray paint is available for background walls.

Vertical Floor Stand

For wall illumination systems that require consistent illumination to the floor we offer the VLS-1/SL/432 which is a side luminaire mounted on a rolling vertical floor stand. Typical wall systems require two.