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All GTI Color Viewing and Matching Systems are manufactured and installed to published industry standards. To maintain this level of accuracy over time, a maintenance program consisting of relamping, cleaning, and measurement is required. GTI has designed two programs that make it easy for you to keep your viewing stations within the standard.


Lite Support 1GTI LiteSupport is an on-site audit and certification program designed to help you maintain your inspection systems to industry standards. With LiteSupport, GTI will conduct an audit to determine the status of your inspection systems. We will then work with you to develop a relamping and maintenance program to bring all viewers into specification.

Upon completion of a LiteSupport visit you will receive a Status of Color Viewing Facilities report which verifies viewer-to-viewer compatibility and compliance with the standard. Each qualifying viewer will be certified to be in compliance with the standard and receive a certificate of compliance from GTI.

The cost of a LiteSupport audit depends on the number of viewers, number of sites involved, and location. To receive a quote for a LiteSupport audit at your facility please contact us at 845-562-7066 or email us.

Certified Relamp Kits

Certification SealCertified Relamp Kits have been factory tested and come with a certification of meeting published industry standards. Certified Relamp Kits provide a traceable verification of quality at a lower cost than a full LiteSupport audit.