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Accessories & Options

Bases and Storage

Three countertop bases are available to elevate working heights. Each base raises the viewing surface 8″ and can be stacked for added height and storage space. A simple table stand (/TS) can be used with all models.

Single deep (/1F) and dual shallow flat file drawers (/2F) are available for the CMB-2028, CMB-2450, and CMB-3052.

Flat file sets consisting of eight shallow flat file drawers (/FD) or storage cabinets (/SC) are available for the CMB-2450 and CMB-3052.

Floor Stands

A height adjustable (at set-up) floor stand (/FS) with shelves is available for all ColorMatcher models. This sturdy floor stand measures 32″ – 48″ in height, with lockable swivel casters for ease of movement.

An electronic height adjustable floor stand is available for the CMB-3052 . With a push of the button the floor stand adjust from 29” to 49”. It is available with one deep drawer, two shallow file drawers, or a storage self.

45 Degree Viewing Stands

Munsell N7/ Gray stand for viewing flat samples. Available in four sizes ranging from 8.5” x 16” to 12” x 48”.


Variable Angle Viewing Tables

Munsell N7/ Gray stand for viewing flat samples. Available in two sizes 12” x 24” and 8” x 16”.

CMB-2540 with VVT-816

Matte Black Insert Panel Sets

For improved viewing of glossy, highly specular, and/or dark objects. Available for MM-1e, MM-2e, MM-4e, CMB-2028, CMB-2540, and CMB-3052.

MM-1e with insert

Accessory Directional Light

A directional light source for gonio-apparent coatings. Available for all MiniMatcher and ColorMatcher viewers.

FX CMB image

Standard Gray Neutral 7 Vinyl Latex

Standard Gray Neutral 7 is a water-reducible vinyl latex for use in color viewing areas which require Munsell N7/ gray surround. Available in gallons or pints.