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Customer Profiles

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GTI is committed to the success of our customers. Our customers range from small independent photographers to large international corporations. These case studies outline the challenges a business faced, the solutions they implemented to meet these challenges, and the results that they have experienced.

Touch of Class

Touch of Class – Shows a Touch of Brilliance

Touch of Class is a home décor catalog company with a tradition of offering superior service to their customers. They had been doing conventional hard copy proofing. When their printer moved to a soft proofing workflow, they wanted to follow suit. This meant that they would need to view products and color correct the images on screen, in real time. To accomplish this, they would need to set up an ISO 3664:2009 lighting environment that would allow them to match the luminosity of the viewing area to the image being displayed on the monitor. Four GTI GLE-348/SP/WRC luminaires with D50 LED lamps helped them reach this goal.

Midnight Oil

Achieves Positive Results with GTI LED Upgrade

Primarily serving the entertainment and video game markets, Midnight Oil provides a turnkey solution for posters, banners, lobby displays, and outside advertising. They have been using GTI lighting products since the beginning and now have 42 GTI wall viewing luminaires. Upgrading these fixtures to GTI’s D50 LED lamps brought several benefits including better light quality, reduced energy usage, and faster warmup times.

Circle Graphics

LED Wall Viewing System Provides the Right Light

Circle Graphics is a leading provider of large format printed materials to the out-of-home advertising industry. The new San Fernando, CA location produces transit advertising, building wraps, and backlight signs for bus shelters and airports. David Gerharter, Vice President of Operations at Circle Graphics in San Fernando, has been using GTI products for his entire career and knew he wanted to add a GTI Wall Viewing System. The move to the new facility was a perfect time to do so. In March of 2021 he ordered a three-luminaire LED wall viewing system.

Potpourri Group Inc.

Improves Color Viewing with New LED Booths

Potpourri Group, Inc. is one of the most successful multi-brand direct-to-consumer merchants in the United States. They have 18 brands ranging from luxury bedding to women’s fashion to gifts for dog lovers––each with a unique catalog. They wanted to upgrade their old viewing booths to establish a consistent look between stations and to take advantage of the benefits of GTI’s new LED technology.

Meredith Corporation

Improves Soft Proofing Visual Agreement with LED

Meredith is the leading magazine publisher in the United States. Their brands include PEOPLE, Better Homes & Gardens, InStyle, Allrecipes, REAL SIMPLE, SHAPE, Southern Living, and Martha Stewart Living.  When the need to improve the visual agreement with their print provider surfaced, Meredith reached out to GTI for assistance.

Beacon Fine Art Printing

New Lighting Creates Efficient Work and Presentation Area

Beacon Fine Art Printing is a “one stop shop” for artist and photographers seeking limited edition prints, reproduction of original artwork, and prints for gallery shows. When they realized that they needed a professional lighting area for large format work they looked toward GTI.

John Fullingim

The Right Light Brings a Significant Advantage

John Fullingim is a photographer with 30 years of experience. His work is mostly fine art, with occasional high profile advertising work. When he added a PDV-3e to his workflow he quickly discovered the advantage of using ISO 3664:2009 lighting to evaluate color prints.

Nickel Acme Printers, Inc.

Better Light Brings Consistent Results

Nickel Acme is a small commercial printer that serves the greater Sudbury, Ontario area. They were producing more projects that consisted of pieces printed using different print technologies that needed to be color matched.

Hammer Packaging

 GTI’s LiteSupport Helps to Improve Quality

Hammer Packaging continuously invests in the services, products, and people required to exceed their customers’ expectations. Achieving a G7 Master Certification is one example of how they are committed to quality. To help maintain ISO 3664:2009 viewing conditions across two facilities they implemented a GTI LiteSupport audit.


Standard Lighting Helps Deliver Outstanding Results

thelab, a full-service creative production agency required a controlled lighting environment that was large enough to view large format point‐of‐purchase artwork and to have multiple design teams collaborating at the same time.

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Consistent Viewing Conditions Help Deliver Results

VS+Company is an elite post-production studio that has four dedicated color viewing areas and was seeking to create a production environment that provided consistent viewing conditions from room-to-room.

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