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Desktop Color Viewing Stations

GTI’s desktop color viewing stations are designed to accommodate smaller format color prints, proofs, transparencies, and digital images. The compact and portable design of these viewers allows you to place them wherever needed – next to a workstation, on top of a digital press, on a counter, or anywhere else color appraisal is needed.

PDV Professional Desktop Viewers

The PDV series provides optimal viewing conditions and offers a small footprint. Viewing areas range from 13” x 19.25” to 23.5” x 23.25”. All units feature a unique hinged design for easy transport and setup.


SOFV-1xiQ 300w

The Soft View SOFV-1xiQ is a desktop soft proofing system that easily provides accurate color comparisons between hard copy prints and a color monitor. The SOFV-1xiQ includes a viewing station and the revolutionary wireless iQ sensor.


SOFV 1xi sil 300w

The SOFV-1xi is also a D50 soft proofing viewing system, with a 19.5” x 24” (50 cm x 61 cm) viewing area. It does not include the iQ sensor for automatic calibration.