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Overhead D50 LED Luminaires

For areas where a color viewing booth is not practical or to view larger format artwork, Graphiclite D50 LED overhead luminaires can provide a cost effective solution to create an ISO 3664:2009 compliant viewing area.

GTI’s Graphiclite LED overhead luminaires feature an innovative prismatic lens and geometry of design that provides superb light uniformity over a large area. All GTI luminaires utilize Graphiclite LED viewing lamps and are engineered to provide precisely balanced D50 output.

D50 LED Luminaires are available in two styles:

  • GLE series luminaires have a thin profile and are offered in a four sizes. They are ideal for conference rooms and design studios. GLE luminaires are available with symmetrical or asymmetrical reflectors and include a switch and line cord. LiteGuard 3.0 lamp monitoring is available as an option.GLE Luminaire-no bracket
  • GLL series luminaires are designed for color viewing in production areas. Available in 48” and 60” lengths with symmetrical reflectors. Luminaires include LED lamps. GLL luminaires need to be hard wired into a switched electrical circuit.
    GLL Luminaire -no bracket

All Graphiclite LED luminaires are configured with D50 LED lamps. Dual-source or multi-source luminaires to simulate home and store lighting conditions are available. A wireless remote control is available for all fixtures.