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Graphic Arts & Photography Products

True Light. True Color – A Commitment to Industry Standards and Guaranteed Quality

Graphiclite D50 LED viewing systems allow the graphic arts, packaging, and photographic markets to make visual color judgments with accuracy and confidence.

The international standard for graphic color viewing and photography is ISO 3664:2009. The standard specifies light quality, intensity, illuminating-viewing geometry, surround conditions, and evenness. All GTI Graphiclite color viewing systems conform to the ISO 3664:2009 standard.

GTI’s color laboratory assures the accuracy and consistency of Graphiclite lamps and viewing stations before they are released for shipment. At GTI, we stand behind our products and services while continuing to meet the ever changing needs of our customers. We make no compromises.

color viewing stations

Color Viewing Stations

CVX and EVS color viewing stations are ideal for prepress, agencies, publishers, offices, and production environments.

vertical print inspector

Vertical Print Inspectors

The VPI is designed for the visual inspection of large format prints. Viewing areas up to 64” x 45”.

multisource luminaires

Overhead Luminaires

The GLE series is ideal for conference rooms and studios. The GLL series is designed for production areas.

graphiclite overhead luminaire

Wall Viewing Stations

Luminaires are combined with wall panels and mounting brackets to create a large format viewing area.

soft proofing

Soft Proofing

Enhances the digital color management workflow by allowing an optimal match between hard copy artwork and a monitor.

Professional Desktop Viewers

The PDV provides ISO viewing wherever you need it by offering a small footprint and viewing areas from 11.7” x 16.3” to 23.5” x 23.3”.


Are ideal for the viewing of labels, packaging, printed textiles, inks, and more.


simultaneous color viewer

Simultaneous Color Viewer

Designed to help detect metamerism and test color harmony by allowing a visual side by side comparison of colors.

color rendition demonstrator

Color Rendition Demonstrator

An educational tool designed for demonstrating the visual color effects of different light qualities on identical samples.

press console viewing system

Press Consoles

GTI manufactures custom press console viewing systems that provide ISO Standard viewing conditions and reduced glare.

Transparcency Viewer

Transparency Viewers

GTI offers a variety of transparency viewers to fit all of your viewing needs.

Graphiclite Lamps

The D5000 lamps for your Graphiclite viewing system. LED and fluorescent lamps are available. GTI lamps guarantee optimum performance.

munsell neutral gray paint

Paint and Print Bars

Standard Gray Neutral 8 for color viewing areas which require Munsell N8/ gray surround. Print Bars are available in any length.


Lite Support

An audit and certification program that helps ensure that your color viewing systems are operating within the ISO standard.