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Graphiclite LED Lamps

Graphiclite 48” D50 LED Color Viewing Lamps

GTI has developed a new LED lamp that offers a high CRI LED solution for 48” Graphiclite D50 viewing booths and overhead luminaires. This new lamp combines the benefits of LED technology with the closest match to D50 spectral specifications ensuring tight conformance to the ISO 3664:2009 viewing standard.

Graphiclite D50 LED color viewing lamps are available in new 48” viewing systems and retrofittable into existing 48” luminaires. Three LED D50 lamps replace five fluorescent lamps in 48″ overhead luminaires and viewing stations. In 48″ wall viewing systems, five LED D50 lamps replace ten fluorescent lamps. All LED viewing systems feature a unique lens design that is optimized for LED lamp technology.

New Products

LED lamps are available in new Graphiclite viewing booths and luminaires that use 48” D50 lamps.

Upgrade Existing Products

Field Upgrade – Level 1

Replace the luminaire portion of your GTI viewing booth. You will purchase a new LED luminaire that can be installed into your existing viewing booth.

Field Upgrade – Level 2

Purchase an upgrade kit so that you can upgrade your existing luminaire to accommodate LED lamps. You will receive instructions and the necessary components to do the upgrade at your location. The LED lamps will be directly wired to the AC power line, bypassing the ballast. The person doing the upgrade must have knowledge of wiring and be able to understand a wiring diagram.

Factory Upgrade

Return your luminaire to GTI to be upgraded in our factory by our technicians. You will ship your luminaire back to GTI where it will be upgraded to accommodate LED lamps.

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