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Hybrid LED MiniMatcher® Models

GTI’s Hybrid LED MiniMatchers provide the features and flexibility you need to evaluate color and communicate color decisions with confidence. Two models are offered. Both include an ASTM D1729, ISO 3668, AATCC Procedure #9, and SAE J361 compliant D65 light source, multiple LED sources, and an elapsed time meter for the daylight source. The D65 source ensures that you will be compliant to the viewing standards and will be making consistent color decisions across the supply chain. The LED sources allow you to view color in an end-user environment and to test for metamerism. The UV LED source is used to detect for optical brighteners and fluorescents.

Hybrid LED MiniMatcher 1e

The easy-to-use Hybrid LED MM-1e/H includes three light sources. An ASTM D1729 compliant D65 source, 2700K LED, and 4000K LED.  A 315–400nm Black Light Blue LED is available as an option.  Alternate sources are also available. Lamps are controlled by toggle switches.
GTI MM-1 Hybrid

Hybrid LED MiniMatcher 4e

The Hybrid LED MM-4e/H includes five light sources. The same four as the MM-1e/H plus an additional 3000K LED lamp. Alternate sources are available. This model has an illuminated push button control that confirms which light source is selected. It also features an easy-to-program one-touch automatic light source sequencing feature which provides a fixed viewing time for each source.
GTI MM-4 Hybrid
ModelViewing Area (H x W x D)
MM-1e/H14” x 24” x 13” (36 cm x 61 cm x 34 cm)
MM-4e/H14” x 24” x 16” (36 cm x 61 cm x 40 cm)