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Articles from March 2016

GTI MiniMatcher Series

GTI MiniMatcher viewing and inspection systems provide a compact, affordable and effective method for the viewing and inspection of colored products. Multiple light sources provide an essential tool for visual color match assessment, comparison of color variation, and detection of metamerism.

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Overhead Luminaires

GTI’s overhead luminaires provide a cost effective solution when configuring a viewing area for larger format objects or when a viewing booth is not practical. GTI’s Graphiclite luminaires are designed for Graphic Arts applications, while CMlite luminaires are designed for Color and Appearance applications. All luminaires are compliant with industry standards.

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VPI Vertical Print Inspector

The VPI Vertical Print Inspector is an ISO 3664:2009 compliant viewing system that is designed for the visual inspection of large format prints and samples in a convenient vertical format. When using a VPI, the observer can stand at a comfortable distance and easily view the whole sample.

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GTI Wall Viewing Systems

GTI’s Wall Viewing System is an ISO 3664:2009 compliant viewing system that is designed for the visual assessment of large format projects. The large format vertical viewing area is an optimized system of overhead luminaires and accessories (wall panels, neutral gray paint, and mounting options).

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EVS Executive Viewing Stations

The EVS family of color viewing stations boasts D5000 accuracy and consistency combined with sleek styling. These viewers are perfect for a conference room, lobby, or executive office.

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