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May 20, 2016

Ten Questions for Bob McCurdy, President of GTI

1. Tell us about GTI?

GTI was founded in 1975 and is the leading manufacturer of tight tolerance lighting systems for critical color viewing and color matching assessment. We are based in Newburgh, NY and we also have sales offices in Germany and the United Kingdom. Watch Company Overview Video

2. What makes GTI unique?

There are a lot of things that make us unique, all of them good.

  • We are 100% dedicated to the lighting business. All of our products are designed to assist with the visual appraisal of color or color critical lighting applications.
  • All of our products are manufactured at our headquarters in Newburgh, NY.
  • Our people. We have a highly skilled and dedicated team that takes a customer first approach.
  • Our ability to solve customer problems. Because of our technical expertise and the fact that we do all of our own design and manufacturing, we are able to offer a wide range of color viewing booths. We also offer customized solutions that include very large lighting systems for final product inspection, unique desktop systems, and everything in between.
  • Our attention to detail. An in-house spectroradiometric laboratory and a 100% measurement and verification production process guarantees accuracy and precision is built into all products.

3. Who is GTI’s typical customer?

Anyone who is concerned with the color quality of the work they are producing. Our customers range from independent photographers who purchase a small desktop viewer to major brands that we have put together complete color harmony rooms for. I find it interesting that our product offering connects us to so many different industries.

4. Where do you see growth occurring for GTI?

GTI grew up with a focus in the graphic arts and photographic industries. This continues to be a primary focus for us and we’re still seeing growth in the packaging sector. We’ve used this knowledge and our expertise to expand into non-imaging markets such as paint and coatings, plastics, textiles, food, and automotive. I see these industrial markets as a strong growth opportunity for us in the future.

5 What do you envision for GTI over the next five years?

We will continue to focus on the lighting business – improving our products and developing new ones that fit the market’s changing requirements. I also anticipate further incorporation of LED technology into the product line. Currently we use LED to simulate certain retail environments and as an alternate source to check color consistency, but, as the technology advances we believe it can become a suitable source to properly simulate daylight. We are carefully monitoring its progress.

6. Is there any particular trend or technology that has you excited?

In addition to LED technology, I am excited about the potential of soft proofing technology. Soft proofing is the ability to view an accurate representation of a digital file on a monitor before it is printed. This visual representation (soft proof) of the final artwork replaces a traditional hard copy proof and serves as a contract between supplier and buyer.

Our iQ enabled soft proofing systems bring soft proofing to the next level. They remove the manual processes and guess work from the process of matching the luminance between the monitor and the print viewer and establish an automated streamlined workflow that results in accurate and repeatable results.

This is achievable because the iQ light sensor wirelessly communicates with the viewing station. The sensor measures the brightness of the paper-white on the surface of the monitor then automatically transmits the data to the viewing station. This data is used to calibrate the light level of the viewing station to achieve an optimal match to the luminosity of the monitor. The iQ sensor also automatically calibrates the viewing station. Watch Soft Proofing Video.

7. Do you feel that the way color is managed has changed over the past few years?

Yes I do. First of all I believe that marketers and brand owners are placing greater importance on the value of color in their marketing decisions. This is because studies have shown that color can be used to influence the consumers’ actions and perception of a product.

The increased use of digital technologies and producing components of a campaign from different technologies has also increased the demand for the use of color management and implementation of color management systems like G7. The goal of color management is to produce the desired color at the lowest cost. Agreement between visual color assessment and numerical measurements is essential to achieving this goal. The objective is not necessarily to get the numbers to match (even though it is an implied goal) – it is to use the measured data of all materials and devices to enable accurate prediction and reproduction of the client’s piece.

8. You’ve been with GTI for your entire career – how has it changed over the past 30 or so years?

Obviously, a lot has changed. From a technology point of view the implementation of standards like ISO 3664:2009 and G7. All GTI viewing systems comply with ISO 3664:2009, the international standard for D50 viewing conditions. Our viewers also conform to industrial color matching standards like ASTM D1729 and SAE J361.

From a business perspective, the main changes have been our growth into industrial color with our CMlite product portfolio and into quality engineering with our QElite product line. Other changes include our webstore and the addition of our LiteSupport service. LiteSupport is an audit and certification program designed to maintain viewing systems to industry specifications.

9. Tell us about the leadership team at GTI?

Besides myself there is Lou Chappo. He’s the executive vice president and manages our product design and manufacturing. Elizabeth McCurdy is the controller. Both have been with the company for more than 30 years. And, Nick Lena, a well-respected industry veteran, is our director of color technology. There are many other people who have been with GTI for a long time and they are all key to the success of the company.

10. What do you like to do for fun – when not working?

I swim several times a week. I enjoy time with family and friends while going to dinner, concerts, and plays. I also like to travel whenever I get the chance.