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April 24, 2019

New Lighting Creates Efficient Work and Presentation Area

Beacon Fine Art Printing is a “one stop shop” for artist and photographers seeking limited edition prints, reproduction of original artwork, and prints for gallery shows. In addition to printing the company offers mounting, image capture, retouching, and framing services.

Beacon Fine Art Printing is a Hahnemühle certified studio. This ensures to their clients that proper methods of reproduction are being utilized – including color workflow management, standard light color matching conditions, and that the shop has demonstrated competence in fine art printing.

Owner Rob Penner says, “My approach is to work one on one and to partner with every client. My goal is to become a consistent resource for them and to help them develop and advance their ideas and techniques so that the best possible prints come from every image.”

To view small prints and samples Rob uses a GTI PDV-3. For larger prints he mounted a large sheet of metal on a wall and uses magnets to hold up artwork. The panel was illuminated by existing studio lighting, a combination of warm and cool fluorescent lamps. A row of gallery lights, with 4700K bulbs, was also installed but these didn’t provide enough throw and created hot spots.

To meet his and his customers’ expectations Rob realized that he needed a professional lighting and viewing area for large format work. He was familiar with GTI’s lighting solutions from past experience and seeing them at trade shows.  So, he visited GTI’s website to determine which system was best for him. Beacon is a short drive to GTI’s office in Newburgh, NY so he also visited the office to discuss lighting solutions and to confirm his decision.

Beacon Fine Art Printing purchased two GTI GLL-1032e/PH luminaires for wall viewing. The GLL-1032e/PH is a high output luminaire that features an innovative hybrid parabolic lens and a unique geometry design that directs the light toward the wall. The luminaires use GTI Graphiclite 100 lamps. These lamps are manufactured with a unique blend of fluorescent phosphors that result in a superior D50 spectrum and a tight compliance to industry standards.

Consistency of viewing is important when producing high quality prints for a high-end client base. The GTI lighting system has helped Rob raise his business to the next level by providing an ISO 3664:2009 viewing environment. He has also raised the image of his business to his customers by creating a professional viewing area. Rob summarized the results by saying, “When I installed the system it was unbelievable – all of a sudden I had this incredibly efficient and consistent lighting area. I couldn’t be happier with the system. It works exactly how it is supposed to work. Buying the GTI wall viewing system was the right decision to make.”