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FAQ Category: Graphic Arts

Do Graphiclite fluorescent lamps contain mercury?

Yes, fluorescent lamps contain mercury. Please dispose of according to federal, state, and local regulations.

I have power interruptions in my area. Can I use an Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS), like I use on my computer, with the light booth?

No! This type of power supply is actually a DC battery with a circuit that imitates AC voltage. It will damage the electronic ballasts used for the fluorescent lamps.

My Graphiclite® light booth never “turns off”. The LiteGuard II is always on when the rest of the lights are off. Shouldn’t it turn off completely?

No. This indicates that power is being supplied to the unit and it is ready to use. If local safety requirements state that equipment must not have power connected to it when not in use or when the business is closed, insert a surge protecting power strip (not an Uninterruptible Power Supply) between the unit and the main power source.

I want to use different lamps in my light booth than the ones that came with it. Can I do this?

To maintain standardized viewing conditions, only the lamps recommended specifically for the viewing booth should be used. If an application requires the use of another lamp (the customer is using a specific lamp type and specifies the work be viewed under this lamp, for instance) lamps other than those specified can be used, but only with lamps of equal size and wattage ratings. For instance, a T8 lamp should not be used in place of a T12 lamp (the lamp size will be listed on the lamp itself). An example of a lamp code is given below:

The LiteGuard II monitor information does not display correctly, what should I do to correct this?

Do not hit the RESET button! Small voltage spikes or fluctuations can cause microprocessor-controlled devices (such as the LiteGuard II) to exhibit minor display anomalies. This is a common problem for companies that use heavy machinery or equipment that use a great deal of electrical power, or in industrial areas of a city. To correct this, simply unplug the unit from the main power, wait five seconds and then plug it in again. If the problem continues to occur, place a surge protecting power strip between the main power outlet and the light booth. DO NOT use an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) or battery back-up device, as is sometimes used with a computer. These can damage the electronic lamp ballasts used in the light booths. If the problem continues to occur after installing the surge protector, call GTI Graphic Technology, Inc. – your unit may need servicing (888-562-7066 Eastern Time).