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February 16, 2011

GTI is the feature Council of Industry member profile

GTI has been a long-standing Council of Industry member and is pleased to announce that it has been featured in January’s ‘member profile’ section of the Council’s newsletter. Catch a sneak preview of the profile below. For those of you who are already valued GTI customers, this will be a quick refresher, for those of you new to GTI, this will be an exciting peek into everything we do in managing color. Be sure to read the full article on the Council of Industry website!

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Interview Q&A

What type of products does GTI manufacture?
GTI Graphic Technology Inc. is the premier designer and manufacturer of critical color viewing/inspection systems in a wide range of sizes, shapes and functions.

What do critical color viewing/inspection systems do and who uses them?
Color viewing/inspection systems afford users the ability to view an image or product under a specific, consistent type of lighting relevant to their industry. This consistency allows the user to make important decisions about their final product’s appearance. From small desktop color image viewers used by photographers or graphic technology industries, to large multi-source viewing booths used in the automobile industry for color matching, GTI proudly supplies a wide range of industries worldwide with the accurate and consistent lighting solutions that have become vital for color communication and their products’ ultimate success.

Whether our users are looking for the brightest cyan blue or an elusive boysenberry red, colors can only be seen on a medium if they are first present in the light source. It only takes one color matching failure to know that the way we see colors is intrinsically affected by the light conditions we are viewing them under.

When, how, and why was GTI founded and by whom?
GTI, which is now in its 35th year, was founded in 1975 by Fred McCurdy, a former VP of MacBeth Corporation, located in Newburgh, NY. MacBeth products related to both the instrumental and visual control of color. GTI was founded to provide a range of industries with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that the colors of their final products bring no unwanted surprises. At GTI we know how important it is to companies to be able to create the perfect color environment for their products, whether it’s prints, packaging, or paint, and how elusive the process can actually be. Therefore, starting 35 years ago, GTI began designing lamps and viewing systems to help reduce the chances of overlooking color inconsistency and improve lighting solutions for even the most demanding or uniquely specific color jobs.

Because of the value and importance of a reliable lighting source in color viewing, GTI’s products are essential to anyone who works or plays in an industry where color matters.

Anyone involved in the design, manufacture and control of color or colored objects would benefit from using a GTI viewing system. For example, within the printing industry, critical color assessment using a viewing system is crucial starting from the original copy and continuing through all the stages of electronic reproduction to the final colored product such as color packages, magazines, newspapers, etc. GTI products also play an important role within the textile, paint, plastics and colorant industry to confirm and guarantee tight color matching and color control.

What is the latest technology in color viewing systems?
Simply put, our new Graphiclite® lamps, engineered to fully meet the demands of the newest ISO standard, are the latest in color viewing system technology. Modern technology has allowed GTI viewing systems to be built to tighter specifications. In fact, with few exceptions, GTI viewing products all comply with either ASTM or ISO viewing standards. These standards have been set for the quality of light sources used in visual control of color differences of opaque materials, and for viewing conditions for photography and graphic arts, respectively. All of GTI’s lamps are a close match to either the D50 or the D65 CIE specified phase of artificial daylight, depending on the relevant industries and products.

What sets GTI apart from its competitors?
what sets GTI apart
GTI’s unwavering commitment to quality color viewing has brought users superior successful color management for over three decades. GTI is leading the industry by being the first and only company to release a full range of new, custom-engineered lamps that are optimized for color matching, which have been designed to exceed even the highest international standards for color management. This is a proud accomplishment that no other company in the color viewing industry can boast as of yet.

We uphold tight control over a color laboratory and all of our custom GTI-specification fluorescent lamps, as well as all viewing products ultimately delivered to GTI customers both in the U.S. and internationally. Color instrument measurements are taken for all products to assure standard compliance and quality control. We firmly believe in the quality of our designs and the integrity of our products, and our outstanding customer service truly reflects this. GTI is dedicated to working tirelessly at solving any and all color viewing needs, no matter how unique, whenever and wherever they occur. The total GTI experience is what sets us apart from our competitors.

How has being a member of the Council of Industry benefited GTI?
Since being a young and “green behind the ears” company until our current age of 35 successful years, the Council of Industry has offered many answers to the challenges of running a company and the need to provide quality products consistently. No doubt the Council of Industry has provided an invaluable platform for information and company promotion over the years. GTI is very pleased to have this opportunity to be profiled by the Council of Industry, celebrating what will continue undoubtedly to be a long and successful relationship.