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February 10, 2012

Put your viewing systems on LiteSupport

GTI’s LiteSupport is your color management Life Support! Anyone who manages color has their own horror stories to tell about color miscommunications and project disasters. At GTI, we know how upsetting it can be when costly and time consuming color mishaps occur, especially because of avoidable factors like ambient light or aging lamps. As if you didn’t already have enough to keep track of during the process of managing your color projects!

Don’t let your color projects end up DOA..

spectral graph
If you could eliminate the possibility of poor lighting conditions causing costly color mistakes and sending your projects to an early grave, wouldn’t you rest easier? In order to help simplify your color management process and prevent project disasters, GTI brings you LiteSupport, an exclusive assistance and certification program that you can think of as your color management Life Support. With LiteSupport, you can concentrate on the complications of color management, and leave the lighting to us! GTI’s standard LiteSupport services ensure performance agreement between all of your viewing systems and our experts can relieve you of having to worry about all things lighting; from ISO standard certification to potential problems in your viewing locations, and everything in between – wherever you are in the U.S.

Here’s how it works:

A trained LiteSupport technician will come to your location and perform an evaluation, or Lighting Survey, of the initial viewing conditions’ status. The LiteSupport expert will recommend any necessary changes to bring your viewing systems up to standard.

On regularly scheduled maintenance intervals, a LiteSupport technician will perform a complete measurement and calibration survey of all color viewing stations.

GTI offers you the option of servicing, cleaning, and relamping your own viewing systems, or you may choose to have a LiteSupport technician do this for you during the calibration surveys.

You will receive a dated and signed certification of compliance for each viewing system that meets the ISO 3664:2009 viewing standard.

You will also receive a detailed report of your LiteSupport visit results, a Status of Color Viewing Facilities report. This report verifies inter-viewer agreement, highlights any potential problems at your viewing locations, and certifies compliance to ISO standards. The report includes a simple graphical analysis of color quality and light intensity, showing overall visual agreement (or variations, if any) between viewing locations. Here’s an example: Sample LiteSupport report.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Once you’ve gotten all of your viewing locations into the LiteSupport program, it’s time to bring in anyone else you work closely with. If the companies you work with are [literally] seeing things in a different light than you, it could result in some nasty – and expensive – color surprises, the cure for which involves a lot of time, money, and frustration. LiteSupport not only assures consistent color communication between all of your viewing locations, but also between your viewing systems and those of anyone you work closely with. You can save yourself the time and frustration of color variations in your projects by recommending the LiteSupport program to your clients and vendors in order to achieve their close agreement with your own viewing facilities. Just think of all the project deaths and do-overs you could avoid!


Superior color communication starts with LiteSupport at your viewing locations, but then who else can you communicate with? If your clients and vendors are a part of the LiteSupport program, the answer is: everyone. With everyone in your color management process seeing the same thing, you can be sure to have less color management horror stories to tell. So spread the health! Wherever your color projects go, LiteSupport has you covered. To get your own viewing systems on Life Support by getting the LiteSupport program, contact GTI today.