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October 26, 2012

Searching for a SpectraLight? GTI’s CMB is available now!

If you’re a Color and Appearance professional trying to get your hands on a SpectraLight III color evaluation system from X-Rite, you’ve probably already discovered that there’s an unfortunate several month wait for these products to be available. At GTI we know that your color projects can’t wait, so we’re ready to ship our CMB color viewing system to you in a fraction of the waitlist time for the SpectraLight. The SpectraLight III is comparable to the CMB, but aside from being available right now, all 4 of GTI’s CMB model sizes will give you an overall better color viewing system for your buck. One of the biggest reasons for this is the significantly lower power consumption and heat given off from any of GTI’s CMB models. In comparison to the sole model of the SpectraLight currently being sold that requires it’s own dedicated power line and ventilated cooling system just to run it, this difference alone should be enough to explore your options with a CMB. Mother Nature AND your wallet will thank you for going with GTI.

You can put off your color projects and hope for the SpectraLight to deliver for you in the future, or you can go with a long-trusted GTI CMB that will get you back to work creating superior color products in no time. Below, we’ll compare the two products’ features for you and you’ll wonder why you were waiting for the SpectraLight in the first place!

GTI's CMB Color Matching Booth


Features Comparison

Booths of varied sizes availableYes
20" x 28"; 25" x 40"; 30" x 52"
(Note: the following features are available for all model sizes of the CMB)
24" x 37" only
Meets ASTM D1729-96 and CIE 51 standards for color viewingYesYes
CIE Rating (Daylight/UV)
*BC is the rating needed for critical color matching
Daylight source lamp life (hours)2500200-300
Maximum power consumption, main daylight source105 watts2000 watts
Operates on conventional non-dedicated power source? (115VAC or 220/240VAC)YesNo
(Requires it's own 20amp, 115VAC or 10amp, 220/240VAC circuit)
Individual source usage timerYes - ColorGuard IINo - daylight source timer only
Number of light sources per unit56
Light sources availableTungsten (A)
Tungsten (A)
Low re-lamping and maintenance costsYesNo
Able to recalibrate daylight sourceNo
(Not necessary - color shift of lamps as they age is negligible)
(For main daylight source only, must recalibrate regularly using a spectroradiometer)
Requires open ventilation above unit to dissipate heat from exhaust fans?NoYes
Auto sequencing of lamps, user programmableYesYes
Low-voltage tethered light source remote controller availableYesYes
Easy, low-cost changeover to another daylight sourceYesNo
Can tolerate reasonable source voltage drop? (-10%)YesNo
Filtered tungsten for daylight sourceNoYes
Ultraviolet source can be used alone or with another sourceYesYes
Booth sides can be removed to provide larger viewing boothsYesNo
Floor stands and drawer system add-ons availableYesNo

Contact us to get your CMB right now, and then start thinking about what you’ll do with that extra power line.