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March 4, 2013

9 Ways Color and Appearance Professionals are Optimizing Visual Inspection

Color professionals know that visual inspection for color quality, color matching and metamerism testing is an essential part of the production process. This means selecting the best quality light sources to create optimal viewing conditions. For visual color evaluation of products that need to be inspected under multiple light sources, overhead luminaires are designed to deliver highest color rendering D65 Daylight viewing conditions. These meet or exceed the requirements of ASTM D1729, SAEJ362, AATCC Procedure 9, BS950 and many others.

For these types of color viewing needs, many color and appearance professionals have previously turned to the MacBeth Examolite luminaire, but for the most optimal visual color evaluation conditions, more color and appearance professionals are discovering the superior color rendering abilities of the GLL-M3/32e Color Matching overhead luminaire from GTI Graphic Technology Inc. As part of the all new GLL-e series overhead luminaires product line from GTI, the GLL-M3/32e delivers the quality illumination necessary for color critical applications.

Here’s how GTI’s GLL-M3/32e from the new GLL-e series overhead luminaires are helping color and appearance professionals everywhere to optimize their visual inspection process:

1. With an optically clear, UV-transmitting diffusion lens, these luminaires provide even, high quality light quality over a large area.

2. Aluminized, high efficiency reflectors maximize light output from the luminaire and provide neutral and even illumination of products.

3. Hi-frequency electronic lamp ballasts provide stable lamp performance, longer lamp life, and energy efficiency – cutting costs in your quality control process.

4. Can be configured in a drop ceiling installation or mounted directly over an evaluation work station to fit your workspace as in the image below.
GTI GLL luminaire drop ceiling installation

5. Ideal for large area visual inspection of Color Harmony, fit and finish and product design rooms.

6. Your choice of light sources including: D65, D50, Cool White Fluorescent, TL84, TL83, Horizon, Incandescent A, UV, and others. The GLL-M3/32e is typically a three source overhead luminaire configured with D65 Daylight, Cool White (or TL-84) Fluorescent, plus Incandescent (Illuminant A). However, the selection of light sources can be tailored to your preferences and to meet applicable industry standards.

7. Multi-angle viewing is made possible with the optional variable angle viewing table (VVT-1224and VVT-1248), providing accurate and reproducible geometries of 25°,45°, 75° and 110°.

8. Aside from the GLL-M3/32e, the GLL-e series offers 2 additional model types to choose from: the GLL-432e/65 – a single source overhead luminaire that can be used to create a large area visual inspection room, featuring the same high color rendering D65 daylight as the entire CMlite family of products in a cost-effective package; and the GLL-DSe – a dual source version of the GLL-432e that allows you to choose between two light sources.
Check out the product brochure: [download id=”6″]

9. The GLL-M3/32e Color Matching overhead luminaire is available now to color and appearance professionals everywhere!

If you need accurate, proven visual inspection systems now, contact GTI Graphic Technology Inc today to learn more about how you can optimize your visual color inspection process with an overhead luminaire from the GLL-e series!