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May 29, 2019

GTI Expands Highly Popular MiniMatcher Series

The New GTI MiniMatcher-2436e Meets The Market’s Requirement for an
Affordable Easy to Use Mid-size Multi-source Desktop Color Matching System.

The new MM-2436e has a viewing area of 22.75” high x 36” wide x 23” deep (58 cm x 91 cm x 58 cm). It includes five standard light sources: daylight (D65, D75, or D50), store light (cool white fluorescent or TL84), home light (incandescent A), ultraviolet, and an optional source (D50, D75, Horizon, LED, TL84, or TL83). Like all MiniMatcher models the MM-2436e conforms to the ASTM D1729 viewing standard.

The light booth also includes a daylight timer and an illuminated push button control that confirms which source is selected. To assist with metamerism checking, the MM-2436e provides one touch automatic light source sequencing. This feature allows the user to program a set of light sources that will automatically sequence for a fixed period of time.

For highly critical applications, an optional prismatic diffusion lens is offered. GTI’s ColorGuard II lamp tracking is available as an option. ColorGuard is a monitoring system that tracks usage for each color viewing lamp and notifies you when it is time to relamp.

The MM-2436e is also being offered with three sources (daylight, store light, and home light) operating on toggle switches. UV can be added as a fourth source. Contact GTI for details.

Like all GTI products, the new MM-2436e is manufactured at the company’s headquarters in Newburgh, NY. Having the design, engineering, manufacturing, and sales team working together in one facility helps GTI to bring high quality products to the market at a reasonable price while offering the best in class support.

The GTI MiniMatcher® series now consists of six products.