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June 21, 2019

The Use of LED Lamps in Critical Color Viewing

In certain applications, LEDs offer benefits including reduced maintenance, longer life, and lower energy use. However, they also have a higher acquisition cost, are not fully regulated by standards, and the quality of light is inconsistent from lamp-to-lamp, batch-to-batch, and manufacturer-to-manufacturer.

There is a big difference between general or commercial lighting applications and highly demanding applications that need to conform to international industry standards, such as lighting systems for critical color viewing, color matching, and color assessment. It is important to note that at this time LEDs cannot be considered the optimum solution for every application.

What is GTI’s position on the use of LED lamps in color viewing applications?

GTI is excited about the potential of LED lighting technology in color viewing applications. We are testing the latest LED technology and working to optimize it for use in critical color matching applications. Our goal is to deliver an LED solution that conforms to industry standards, can be retrofitted into existing GTI booths, and is at a price point that the market will accept. We anticipate having select sizes of T8 LED lamps available by the end of 2019. Additionally, as LED technology matures we will further implement it into our product portfolio.

GTI recommends that critical color judgements be made under ISO 3664:2009 and ASTM D1729 viewing conditions. The use of LED light as a secondary source to test for metamerism and to check how an item will appear in its end use environment, such as retail, is recommended.

The facts about the use of LED light in critical color matching as it stands today.

  • In a critical color viewing application, an LED fixture and fluorescent fixture will require about the same amount of energy
  • The most important thing about using LED technology (or any lighting technology) in color matching is that it has to match the CIE spectral curve. GTI’s fluorescent lamp technology offers the tightest match to the CIE spectral curve, and our future products will strive to do the same.

Consistency and controlling the variables are two important aspects of color management. The complete supply chain must view color in the same lighting conditions. The best way to ensure this is to have all parties in the supply chain view color in lighting conditions that conform to industry standards and to have all viewing areas using the same lighting technology.

Advances in LED lighting technology combined with GTI’s increased expertise in the technology will enable us to deliver LED products that not only conform to industry viewing standards but to our own standards as well.

GTI manufactures light booths that conform to industry standards. Our 100% measurement and verification production process and in-house spectroradiometric laboratory guarantees that precision and accuracy is built into all our products.