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FAQ Category: Color & Appearance

My CMB light booth never “turns off”. The Red light and the GTI ColorGuard are always on when the rest of the lights are off. Shouldn’t it turn off completely?

No. This indicates that power is being supplied to the unit and it is ready to use. If local safety requirements state that equipment must not have power connected to it when not in use or when the business is closed, insert a surge protecting power strip (not an Uninterruptible Power Supply) between the unit and the main power source.

Can I reset the GTI ColorGuard II to display different light sources than the ones that came with the light booth?

No. This is set at the factory.

The GTI ColorGuard II monitor information does not display correctly, what should I do to correct this?

Do not hit the RESET button! Small voltage spikes or fluctuations can cause microprocessor-controlled devices (such as the ColorGuard II) to exhibit minor display anomalies. This is a common problem for companies that use heavy machinery or equipment that use a great deal of electrical power, or in industrial areas of a city. To correct this, simply unplug the unit from the main power, wait five seconds and then plug it in again. If the problem continues to occur, place a surge protecting power strip between the main power outlet and the light booth. DO NOT use an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) or battery back-up device, as is sometimes used with a computer. These can damage the electronic lamp ballasts used in the light booths. If the problem continues to occur after installing the surge protector, call GTI Graphic Technology, Inc. – your unit may need servicing (888-562-7066 Eastern Time).

What are the advantages of using such sample aides?

There are a number of advantages. The most notable are that they allow the samples to be presented at predefined angles. Unless the sample is being placed on the booth floor, slight differences in the viewing angle can change the visual perception of the sample. This becomes more of an appearance difference rather than a color difference. Textiles are particularly susceptible to this condition due to their inevitable textures.

Can aides be used inside the booth to hold samples?

Yes. Some industry specifications and test procedures actually specify the use of such viewing aides. AATCC Evaluation Procedure 9 is one such example. Viewing aides, such as Multi-angle tables and single angle easels, should be the same color as the booth (i.e., Munsell N7), not interfere with the lights by casting shadows on the sample to be viewed, and should be easy to remove. GTI offers such viewing aides in a number of sizes to fit its wide variety of viewing booths.