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FAQ Category: Color & Appearance

Is there some way I can keep my booth from being stained in the future?

Yes. As an optional accessory, GTI offers a clear, optically neutral, polycarbonate floor liner for each of its light booths. It is easy to clean, easy to replace, and resistant to most cleaning solvents.

If I cannot clean my booth sufficiently, do I need to get a new booth?

No. Replacement panels or insert panels can be ordered to cover the stained area. As another alternative, GTI offers the Munsell N7 paint in quart and gallon containers that can be applied by brush or roller.

My booth has become stained with paints or dye colors after using it. How can I clean it?

For color matching booths from GTI Graphic Technology, Inc., small stains can be cleaned with mild soap and water. A mild solvent can be tried, but test it on a non-critical part of the booth (the underside for instance) to make certain the solvent will not remove any of the paint.

For larger or stubborn stains, a new booth component (e.g., booth floor) can be order and the piece replaced. Another option would be to order a panel insert in the appropriate color, much like the white or black inserts GTI offers.

Can people use light boxes from different manufacturers to compare samples and still get good results?

Yes, providing each booth meets the specifications of ASTM D1729-96, has the same surround color (i.e., Munsell N7) and has a CIE Publication 51 rating of B/C or better.

Is there much of a difference between Horizon and Incandescent Illuminant A?

In color temperature, there is only about 500K difference between them. Compared to D50 and D65, which differ by 1500K, the difference is very small. This is one of the reasons almost all color-matching applications now favor Illuminant A over Horizon.