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January 17, 2011

GTI is raising the bar on color viewing.

ISO 3664 is the international viewing standard created to improve the quality and consistency of light sources and color viewing. Recently this standard has been upgraded to the ISO 3664:2009 to reflect tighter quality control guidelines in order to reduce miscommunications and other errors in color reproduction. This new standard will help to enhance the visibility of color shifts between mediums better than the previous ISO 3664:2000 standard.

GTI is leading the industry by being the first and only company to release a full range of new T8 and T12 lamps exceeding even the highest international standards for color management. These new custom-engineered D50 Graphiclite® lamps, which are optimized for color matching, are available now from GTI. Our lamps and viewing systems are designed to help reduce the chances of overlooking color inconsistency and improve lighting solutions for your most demanding color jobs.

Maybe you’ve walked out of the house in a black sweater and blue pants thinking they were the same color, or maybe you’ve approved a product design color and it arrived looking completely different than you had thought. It only takes one color matching failure to know that the way we see colors is intrinsically affected by the light conditions we are viewing them under. 
metamerism in different light sources
Whether you’re looking for the brightest cyan blue or an elusive boysenberry red, colors can only be seen on a medium if they are first present in the light source. Anyone who works or plays in an industry where color matters understands the value and importance of an accurate, reliable lighting source in color viewing.

Whether you’re already a GTI customer and need to upgrade to our exciting new lamp design, or you’re new to color viewing and looking to learn more about the most advantageous lighting solutions available to you, check out our webstore. Here at GTI we’re all about seeing the world in full color, but your upgrade to these quality lamp improvements is a decision we’re comfortable is black and white.