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June 3, 2020

Get Proper Viewing Conditions Anywhere With GTI Professional Desktop Viewers

Creativity is not limited to an office or studio. Designers and those responsible for color accuracy need to have access to ISO 3664:2009 viewing conditions wherever they are working. That is why they use GTI’s Professional Desktop Viewers (PDV) to meet their remote viewing requirements. PDVs offer a footprint that easily fits on a desktop, the ability to fold for easy set-up and storage, and conforms to industry standard viewing conditions. For professions where mobility and portability of working conditions are essential, the PDV is the best solution possible. Below, we look at how one of our clients used GTI’s PDVs to maintain their workflow after going remote. 

Proper Viewing Conditions in the Studio or at Home 

In March 2020, when New York Governor Andrew Cuomo ordered the shutdown of non-essential businesses in response to Covid-19, Jason Tuch of Pistol Studios was faced with a unique challenge. Since 2005, Tuch has operated the Manhattan-based retouching studio, which partners with many international brands including Cosmopolitan, Bon Appétit, GQ, and Harper’s Bazaar. 

Color viewing stations are an integral part of internal and external reviews of Pistol Studios’ projects, which include photography, 3D images, packaging, videos, and more. At their studio each art director, colorist, and retoucher has a GTI viewer at their workstation, Tuch explained. On top of that, the studio has a large floor stand model and two overhead luminaires. “GTI is just the industry standard at this point,” he said. 

When the Studio Went Remote, PDVs Kept Business Flowing

man holding a gti pdv under his arm

When New York City shut down, Pistol Studios went remote. Workers took their viewers home, but there was a hitch: some clients did not have tools at their homes to accurately review a product’s color. Tuch solved this by placing an order for several GTI PDV-2e units with optional side walls. It was a huge success. Tuch noted that his clients love the PDV’s color accuracy, portability and ability to fold for storage.

PDVs Deliver Big Results in a Small Package 

PDVs are available in three model sizes with viewing areas ranging from 13” high x 19.3” wide to 23.5” high x 25.3” wide. Viewers conform to ISO 3664:2009 standards and provide optimal D50 viewing conditions for accurately assessing color. PDVs excel at ease of setup, mobility, and affordability. Key features include:

  • GTI’s Graphiclite 100 T8 lamps
  • D50 daylight quality
  • A print bar
  • Optional side walls to control ambient light
  • Optional dimming capabilities for soft proofing
  • A lower luminaire is also available for extra critical applications

Whether you are at the office, home, or collaborating with clients in a different area code, GTI Professional Desktop Viewers help you conduct business as usual. You can trust GTI’s products to provide proper viewing conditions at any location. Check out the links below for more information.

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