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May 5, 2023

Touch of Class – Shows a Touch of Brilliance

Touch of Class of Class, is located in Huntingburg, IN. They are a home décor catalog company with a forty-five-year tradition of offering superior service to their customers. In addition to their print catalog, they also have a large web store, and two outlet stores.

Touch of Class had been doing conventional hard copy proofing. When their printer moved to a soft proofing workflow, they wanted to follow suit. This meant that they would need to view products and color correct the images on screen, in real time. To accomplish this, they would need to set up an ISO 3664:2009 lighting environment that would allow them to match the luminosity of the viewing area to the image being displayed on the monitor.

They needed to view a range of products including furniture, wall hangings, rugs, lamps, bedding, and other home décor products. Their goal was to create a viewing area that would enable them to display the products in a realistic layout, with multiple illumination angles, and various levels of brightness. Since their printer was using GTI’s D50 LED lamps, they also wanted to use them.


Soft proofin booth

The combination of adjustable side luminaires and ceiling mounted luminaires allows Touch of Class to properly view a range of products at once.


After consultation with GTI, Jason Bartley, a Product Designer at Touch of Class, set out to design and build his viewing booth. He determined that an 8.5’ wide x 5’deep x 5’ high booth would meet their needs. To conform to the ISO 3664 viewing standard the booth was painted with GTI’s neutral gray paint.

Working with GTI Jason chose four GTI GLE-348/SP/WRC luminaires to illuminate the booth. Two luminaires were mounted on the ceiling and one luminaire was placed on each side wall. The two ceiling luminaires are linked together, as are the two side luminaires. Linking allows the two luminaires to operate as one. Each set of luminaires includes D50 LED lamps, a wireless remote, LiteGuard lamp tracking, and step dimming. Step dimming allows the user to turn on one lamp, two lamps, or three lamps in the luminaires to achieve different levels of brightness (700, 1,400, or 2,100 lux).

Jason states, “We are excited to be using the new booth. I feel it will serve our needs well. The combination of side lights and ceiling lights, along with the multiple levels of illumination, will enable us to properly light any product we sell.” Jason adds, “The technical support and customer service GTI provided was greatly appreciated, working with them was a pleasure and made our transition to soft proofing easier.”

Soft Proofing at Touch of Class

Touch of Class is now color correcting their catalog images in real time thanks to their new GTI enabled soft proofing light booth.