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October 19, 2020

GTI Now Offering 48” D50 LED Color Viewing Lamp

New lamp combines the benefit of LED technology with ISO 3664:2009 compliance.


GTI has announced the availability of a 48” D50 LED lamp for its Graphiclite Color Viewing Systems. This new lamp conforms to the ISO 3664:2009 viewing standard.

GTI’s new LED lamp offers a Color Rendering Index (CRI) >98 for 48″ Graphiclite D50 viewing booths and overhead luminaires. LED lamps offer longer lamp life and reduced power consumption when compared to conventional lamp technology. GTI’s LED lamp combines these benefits with the closest match to the D50 spectral specifications ensuring a tight conformance to the ISO 3664:2009 viewing standard.

Robert McCurdy, GTI’s President, states, “GTI is excited to meet the industry’s request for a D50 LED lamp. Our LED lamp is available for new 48” viewing systems and is also retrofittable into existing luminaires.” McCurdy adds, “During our long and thorough beta program the lamp was tested by some very well-known and quality minded print and packaging organizations. We are happy to report that users were pleased with the performance of GTI’s LED lamp and were comfortable using it in a workflow that also utilizes fluorescent based viewing booths.”

When purchasing a new 48” GTI Graphiclite viewing system the users will have the option to purchase it with LED or fluorescent lamp technology.

Existing viewing systems that use 48″ Graphiclite D50 lamps (either F32T8/GL50 or F40T12/GL50) can be upgraded. The customer can either complete the upgrade themselves or send the luminaire back to GTI to be upgraded in our factory.

“GTI is very excited about our new 48” D50 LED solution. It not only offers superior performance, but it costs less than half the amount of competitive products with similar functionality and viewing area,” adds McCurdy,

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