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gti particulate viewing system models

January 4, 2022

GTI Introduces Particulate Viewing Systems

GTI’s Particulate Viewing Systems are used to help with the visual detection of particulate contamination in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, foods, and other products. GTI is now offering two models: the PVS-1e, a compact tabletop viewing system, and the PPVS-2e, a foldable portable viewing system. Both conform to International Pharmacopoeia standards including USP <790> and EP 2.9.30.

GTI’s President Bob McCurdy states, “We had several clients ask if we could supply them with a particulate viewing system. The requirements of these products, 6500K daylight lamps, dimming capability, conformance to a standard, and size of viewing area were similar to products in our CMlite portfolio. So, we decided to take these orders on as special projects.” McCurdy adds, “These initial orders were well received and resulted in a subsequent order. After discussions with our distribution partners, we decide to make them a permanent part of our product portfolio.”

PVS-1e with sample sms

Two Models

GTI Particulate Viewing Systems include D65 daylight 6500K lamps, a lamp timer, and dimming capability. The interiors of their cabinets are painted neutral gray and include a removable back insert panel that is fifty percent matte black and fifty percent non-glare white. Exteriors are also painted neutral gray.

The PVS-1e is a tabletop model that has a 14.25” high x 24” wide x 13.25” deep viewing area and includes manual four step dimming ranging from 1000 to 4000 lux. User can upgrade to the PVS-1e/SP which features optional digital dimming for precisely setting any desired degree of illuminance up to 4000 lux.

The PPVS-2e model is a portable viewing system that folds for easy set-up, storage, and transport. Its viewing area is 13” high x 19” wide x 7.5” deep. The PPVS-2e also includes four step manual dimming.

Key Features of the Particulate Viewing Systems

  • Affordable price
  • Lamp timer
  • Conforms to International Pharmacopoeia standards including USP <790> and EP 2.9.20
  • 50% matte black and 50% non-glare white back panel
  • Digital or step dimming
  • 1,000 to 4,000 lux
  • Quick set-up without tools

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