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April 22, 2022

Judges at WPPI prefer GTI’s PDV-2020e

Every year, thousands of photographers and filmmakers from around the world come together in Las Vegas for WPPI, the leading industry event for wedding and portrait photographers and filmmakers. Seasoned professionals join passionate amateurs and newcomers for five days of networking, master classes, exhibitions, and competitions.

When it’s time to judge the annual 16 × 20 print, album, and filmmaking competition which is considered the most prestigious wedding, portrait, and print competition in the world, the experts turn to GTI’s PDV-2020e professional desktop viewers. PDV viewers are the industry’s choice for D50 controlled viewing of small format prints. All PDVs conform to the ISO 3664:2009 viewing standard. ISO 3664:2009 is the international standard for viewing graphic arts and photography work. It specifies light quality, intensity, illuminating-viewing geometry, surround conditions, and evenness. All GTI Graphiclite color viewing systems conform to the ISO 3664:2009 standard.

“PDV viewers simply provide the purest, best quality light in a consistent way,” says Jerry Ghionis, world renowned wedding photographer, photography teacher, and WPPI Grand Master. “It’s important that the judges view the prints in a well-lit environment that meets industry standards and that every entrant knows exactly what those standards are. By specifically using the GTI PDV-2020e viewer, entrants know exactly what to expect when viewing their own work in preparation of the competition.”

Ghionis, based in Las Vegas and Melbourne, Australia, is considered one of the world’s top five wedding photographers and educators and is winner of a long list of awards on both continents. He’s the designer of the Ice Light, a revolutionary LED continuous light, and the Omega Reflector, the world’s first 15-in-1 shoot through reflector. With his partner Melissa, who ran her own award-winning studio in Boston for a decade before joining Jerry in Melbourne, Jerry also founded the Soul Society, a nonprofit devoted to caring for the poor, homeless, and orphaned children in third world countries.

GTI has been collaborating with WPPI for several years, providing six PDV-2020e viewers to use in judging contest entries. Ghionis, in his role as “judging guru,” says GTI’s participation has helped to elevate the judging experience, with positive results that ripple through the entire competition.

As you’d expect, it’s all about the light. “When I first started judging the competition, all of the prints were judged under tungsten lights which, of course, are very yellow,” Ghionis says. “Then over the years the competition progressed to using continuous fluorescent lights, which by nature are slightly green. When Melissa and I came on board as the print competition directors, we were looking to improve the lighting conditions to meet industry viewing standards. We were looking for the best way to evaluate prints. We needed not only a beautiful quality of light, but a presentation that matched the sophistication and prestige of an international competition.”

The PVD-2020e has solved the color problem, using industry compliant D50 5000K light. “Once we began using the GTI viewers for the competition, I loved the quality of light and the design so much that I actually bought one for my own studio,” says Ghionis. “So now whenever I print my own work, I am able to use a consistently great quality of light to gauge the quality of my images.”

GTI’s PDV-2020e  provides the right light to review color accurately.

The viewers bring both credibility and convenience to the table. Utilizing GTI’s Graphiclite 100 color viewing lamps, the PDV e series guarantees tight compliance to the ISO 3664:2009 standard. Three model sizes are offered, and all feature a hinged design for easy set-up, storage, and transport. Available options include dimming, side walls, and a lower luminaire.

Judges at WPPI spend two long but wonderful days reviewing thousands of prints, evaluating, critiquing, and giving feedback in real time before a live audience. In keeping with the spirit of the event, all attendees are invited to enter.

Being part of WPPI is another example of GTI’s leadership in providing tight tolerance lighting systems to the graphic arts and photographic industries. This is one thing that happens in Vegas that won’t stay in Vegas; like Ghionis, expert judges who experience the GTI difference are unlikely to be happy with less.

Beyond that, WPPI is a refreshing blast of energy for people who make and love striking images. Seminars, networking opportunities, and a cutting-edge trade show offer an immersive good time. “Anyone interested in photography and filmmaking can really benefit from attending,” says Ghionis. “Whether they are an enthusiast, semi-professional, or a professional that has been doing this for many years, whatever genre they are interested in, there is something to learn and benefit from attending the conference.”

WPPI 2023 is planned for March 5-9 at the Mirage Las Vegas. GTI’s PDVs will be there once again, helping the judges see your work in the right light.