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June 20, 2022

Tips to Optimize Your Color Viewing Experience

Light output of a viewing booth can be significantly reduced due to dust and dirt buildup on the lens, aging of lamps, and contaminated viewing conditions. We recommend that you follow these simple steps to maintain optimum color viewing conditions and conformance to industry viewing standards.


  • The main reason for color appearance deficiencies and differences between viewers is excessive lamp operating age. Luminaires with fluorescent lamps should be relamped after every 2,500 hours of use to assure continued conformance to the ISO 3664 and ASTM D1729 viewing standards. Those with LED lamps should be relamped after every 7,500 hours of use. Luminaires with LiteGuard or ColorGuard will tell you when it is time to relamp. For units without this feature, it is recommended to relamp once a year.
  • To ensure conformance to the standards relamp only with GTI’s 5000K Color Viewing Lamps and 6500K Color Matching Lamps. Many other 5000K and 6500K lamps do not meet the requirements to be classified as D50 or D65 as specified by industry standards. Therefore, they should not be used for the visual evaluation of color.
  • And don’t forget to let the viewer fully warm up before making critical color judgements.


  • Excessive dirt buildup can seriously reduce light output. The surfaces of the viewing area and the inside of the luminaire should be periodically cleaned with a mild soap and water solution. If the light booth is being used in an environment where there is a lot of dust and dirt, such as offset spray or particles from manufacturing, the luminaire should be cleaned more frequently.
  • For stubborn marks or stains, use a non-abrasive “soft-scrub” type of cleaner. DO NOT use organic solvents on the surface.
  • If the panels become stained or scratched and cannot be brought back to a clean neutral gray condition, it is recommended that neutral gray matte flat enamel paint be used to touch-up these areas. Graphiclite booths use N8 and CMlite booths use N7 paint.

Optimize the Viewing Area

  • Remove the clutter. The only items in the viewing booth should be the product you are evaluating and the proof/master you are comparing it to.
  • Control the ambient light. Minimize the amount of exterior light that enters the viewing area.
  • Have the people evaluating the color products wear neutral colors. This will minimize reflection back into the viewing area.

Not following these tips can result in costly viewer inaccuracies and variations, defeating the basics of standard lighting