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SOFV iQ soft proofing sensor

April 20, 2012

GTI introduces: The smartest new sensor in soft proofing

This week at the DRUPA trade show in Germany, GTI is revealing a revolutionary new light sensor that will improve the soft proofing process for graphic arts professionals everywhere. The iQ is a wireless light sensor, small enough to fit in your pocket, with cunning calibration technology.

iQ soft proofing sensor

For professional photographers, designers, and printers, one of the most important parts of their process is the evaluation of color quality under controlled lighting conditions. With digital color management and soft proofing, this is also one of the things that’s most difficult to control in their work. In order to have a valid image comparison, the luminance of the computer monitor must match the luminance of the controlled lighting viewing system. A viewing system with the capability to accurately and consistently measure both of these just hasn’t existed…until now.

Finally, with the iQ soft proofers can use a device so intelligent that the visual comparison process becomes a no-brainer. Well ok, SOME brain is still required – and GTI doesn’t include that part in the box! But for the tough part, iQ will do the thinking for you. That means no more calibration conjecture. The iQ will help you meet your perfect match, every time. Here’s how it will make your soft proofing smarter:

  • Accurate viewing system and computer monitor luminance match.
    computer monitor luminance matchcomputer monitor luminance match
  • Communicates wirelessly with GTI soft proofing viewing systems.
    iQ sensor wireless communication
  • Store and select frequently used light level settings.
    SOFV display memory program
  • Helps establish and maintain the best print-to-screen visual match for accurate color verification.
    SOFV iQ soft proofing sensor
  • Takes up almost none of your valuable work space. 
    SOFV 1xiQ sensor
  • Softview-1xiQ enables superb light uniformity with a small desktop footprint and removable sidewalls for oversized proofs or press sheets and meets ISO 3664 D50 light quality for superior color rendition.
  • Integrated processor provides Intelligent Automatic monitor, Luminance Matching, Automatic Calibration, Instant ISO 3664 Part 2 Setting, Ambient Light Auditing Interface with your computer.

With all those brains, why go back to brawn? We’re not saying you’re NOT smart if you don’t use the iQ as your soft proofing measuring device, but it IS a measure of intelligence! Contact us at GTI to meet your match.