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vertical wall system

October 9, 2013

GTI Announces Vertical Wall Viewing System

ISO 3664:2009 D50 compliant large format vertical viewing system to be featured at SGIA Show

GTI Graphic Technology, Inc. the leading manufacturer of lighting systems for critical color viewing, color communication, and color match assessment has announced its new Vertical Wall Viewing System. GTI’s Vertical Wall Systems provides an ISO 3664:2009 D50 compliant large format vertical viewing area. Vertical Wall Systems are an optimized combination of overhead luminaires, viewing lamps, and accessories (wall panels, neutral gray paint, mounting options).

GTI’s Graphiclite luminaires feature an innovative parabolic lens design that provides superb light uniformity over a large vertical area. GTI luminaires utilize Graphiclite 100 Color Viewing Lamps that are engineered to provide precisely balanced D50 light output. Mounting brackets and Munsell Neutral 8 gray wall steel panels ensure that the system is safely installed and properly positioned for maximum viewing efficiency.

GTI believes that output from today’s large format printers is excellent. However, the output often needs to be viewed in controlled lighting conditions in order to ensure that brand integrity and color fidelity is maintained. A GTI Wall Systems creates an ISO 3664:2009 compliant viewing area that allows the viewer to stand as close as an inch in front of the artwork without a casting a shadow. In addition to large format output GTI’s Vertical Wall Systems can be used to view packaging applications, fine art, textiles, plastics, and other products that require accurate color reproduction.