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July 16, 2014

GTI Graphic Technology, Inc. to Exhibit at Labelexpo 2014

During production labels should be viewed in controlled lighting conditions to ensure accurate color matches and fidelity, and to maintain brand integrity. GTI, the leading manufacturer of lighting systems for critical color viewing, color communication, and color matching assessment offers a range of ISO:3664:2009 compliant viewing systems that are ideally suited for label manufacturers.

Robert McCurdy, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at GTI states, “Format size, substrate, and end use of the printed product all influence the viewing needs of a printer. GTI’s viewing systems allow label manufacturers and brand owners to evaluate their products under several different lighting conditions, enabling them to simulate the actual end use environment.” McCurdy adds, “We are delighted to be at Labelexpo and look forward to showing visitors how production and approval cycles can be shortened by implementing a proper viewing environment.”

GTI, will be featuring a wide range of Graphiclite® Color Viewing Systems at Labelexpo. Labelexpo takes place from September 9th to 11h at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, IL. GTI will be located in booth 5834 during the exhibition.

Featured GTI products at Labelexpo include:

Simultaneous Color Viewer

The Simultaneous Color Viewer is designed to help detect metamerism and test color harmony by allowing a visual side by side comparison of colors under four different light sources.

EVS Executive Viewing Stations

EVS D50 color viewing stations combine state-of-the-art electronic ballasts with Graphiclite T8 fluorescent lamps to produce superior light evenness, excellent rear wall illumination, and enhanced energy efficiency. A built-in print bar and LiteGuard II, which displays lamp warm up, lamp hours, and remaining lamp life, are also included. EVS viewing stations are available with a variety of storage options. Flat file sets consisting of eight drawers or two door storage cabinets can be used alone or combined with one deep or two shallow file drawers. GTI’s EVS color viewing stations are the perfect choice for prepress studios, agencies, publishers, offices, and production environments.

PDV Professional Desktop Viewers

Graphiclite PDV Professional Desktop Viewers are the industry choice for D50 controlled viewing of color prints. Viewing areas from 11.7” x 16.3” (30 cm x 41 cm) to 23.5” x 25.3” (60 cm x 64 cm) are available. All models fold for easy set-up, storage, and transport. Key features include: dimming option for soft proofing, optional side walls for tighter control, and an optional lower luminaire for critical applications.

Color Rendition Demonstrator

The Color Rendition Demonstrator is a three-compartment viewer that demonstrates the color rendition of three varied light sources—fluorescent cool-white “store light”, 6500K fluorescent “daylight”, and incandescent “home light.” The Color Rendition Demonstrator allows you to educate your clients and vendors on how color is affected by different light sources.

MiniMatcher Series

GTI’s MiniMatcher is ideal for the viewing of coatings, consumer goods, ink, packaging, and more. The MM-1e and MM-2e provide three standard light sources and the MM-4e includes five standard light sources.

Desktop Viewing Systems

Desktop Viewing

color viewing systems

Color Viewing Systems

Vertical Wall Viewing

Vertical Wall Viewing

About GTI Graphic Technology, Inc.

GTI Graphic Technology, Inc. is the leading manufacturer of tight tolerance D50 lighting systems for critical color viewing, color communication, and color matching assessment. The company services the graphic arts and photographic markets. GTI also services many industrial and consumer segments including the ink, plastic, paint, colorant, automotive, fashion, textile, food, and retail markets.

GTI designs and manufactures Graphiclite Color Viewing Systems, CMlite Color Matching Booths, QElite Quality Systems, and a range of proprietary color viewing lamps in its 30,000 square foot headquarters in Newburgh, NY. An in-house spectroradiometric laboratory and 100% measurement and verification production process guarantees that precision and accuracy is built into all products. To learn more about GTI’s products visit our webstore or e-mail