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March 18, 2015

GTI Graphic Technology, Inc. at NPE 2015

ASTM D1729-2009 compliant color matching system to be featured

GTI Graphic Technology, Inc., the leading manufacturer of tight tolerance lighting systems for color match assessment, color communication, and critical color viewing today announced that it will be showcasing a wide range of products at NPE 2015 (booth #S21175), March 23rd to 27th at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida.

The newly commercialized Simultaneous Color Viewer (SCV) will be showcased at GTI’s booth. The Simultaneous Color Viewer is designed to help detect metamerism and test color harmony by allowing a visual side-by-side comparison of colors under four different light sources. Standard light sources are daylight (D65 or D50), LED (3500K), store light (4100K CWF or TL84), and home light incandescent (CIE A). A UV light allows for the detection of optical brighteners, whitening agents, and fluorescent dyes and pigments. A spring loaded viewing platform allows for easy viewing of thicker materials.

GTI’s President, Robert McCurdy, states, “Colors can appear to match under one light source then appear significantly different under a second light source. Therefore all stakeholders in the supply chain should evaluate color under a consistent light source.” The D65 daylight source specified in the ASTM D1729-2009 standard displays a full range of spectral energy and provides a viewing environment that can be easily replicated by an ASTM D1729-2009 compliant lighting system. McCurdy adds, “When all parties in the supply chain view a product under standard lighting conditions, a satisfactory color match is easily achievable. The result is improved consistency and accuracy, less remakes, and lower operating cost.”

All GTI color matching systems are compliant with the ASTM D1729-2009 standard and available with multiple light sources. Products are shipped with a certificate of product conformance (NIST traceable).

At NPE, GTI will feature the following products:

GTI ColorMatcher® Series, includes five light sources, ColorGuard II for tracking lamp usage, removable side walls, automatic light source sequencing, and optional stand and storage accessories. Available in four standard sizes, units can be combined for increased width.

GTI MiniMatcher® Series, a desktop viewer that is ideal for viewing coatings, consumer goods, etc. The MM-1e and MM2-e provide three standard light sources while the MM-4e, MM-2448e, and MM-2460e provide five.

Multi-Source Portable Desktop Viewer, a desktop viewing station that is ideal for client presentations, lab applications, and office environments. Includes four light sources, side walls, and a hinged design that allows for easy set-up, transport, and storage.

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